Severe problem when changing monitor scaling. Project corrupted. Cannot save.

I can add the Spectralayers extension to a clip, and it launched Spectralayers. But it launches it in a window where SL fills only half the window. And most importantly, the menu items are not where the mouse expects them to be. To select a layer, you have to click in some white space far from the actual item.

Anybody else having this problem?

IN the picture notice that SL doesn’t fill up the window. In order to select a menu item, you have to place the mouse near the top of the window where the menu SHOULD be, not where it is.

I think the problem is that my first monitor is scaled 125% and the other two are 100%. This was never a problem before version 11. I never ran SpectraLayers before, so I can’t say that has changed. But several other 3rd arty VSTs are misbehaving the same way now and they were always fine before.

Just to be clear, my “main” monitor (as far as Windows is concerned) is not where I run Cubase. My main monitor is where I keep miscellaneous stuff. I use the other two monitors for Cubase.

I suspect if I set all 3 to 125% things would work OK, but this really is a mistake int eh coding, IMHO.

OK, I set all monitors to 125. Now SL works as expected. But there is a far greater problem. With my monitors set to 125/125/125%, I can open any project created in my previous 125/100/100% monitor configuration. But I can’t save any project opened in teh 125/125/125% environment. I get “The project could not be saved. The project is corrupt”


That’s impossible. I can’t use this. I guess I will be back on 10.5 until they fix this.

Can somebody on a Win10 machine please see if they can recreate this situation? You must have multiple monitors. The process to recreate the problem, I believe, is:

  1. Take note of your scaling factors for each of the monitors.
  2. Create a project in Cubase 11 and save it.
  3. Change one of the monitors to a higher scaling factor (e.g. from 100% to 125%)
  4. Open the project. It should open and behave normally with the new screen scaling.
  5. Do File-Save. I expect you will get the message the project is corrupted.

Please note that after this test, you can set your monitor scaling back the way it was and you should have no problems with other projects.

I have done further testing this evening. I created a new empty project using my normal 125/100/100% monitor setup. I was able to change to 125/125/125% and other settings without corrupting the project. So I think in general, we are safe using a mixture of scale factors on different monitors.

But that leaves me with the problems that:

  • If you add Spectralayers to a track when the first monitor (according to Windows) has different scaling from monitor where the track editor is running, that is completely screwed up with SL only partially filling the window and the menu not being accessible from the mouse.
  • Somehow in that mess, the project gets into a state where it can be used normally, but cannot be saved – raising a “Corrupted” message.

Basically, Cubase is running pretty well, but I can’t use SL at all.