Severe stuttering, audio dropouts during tempo change (Cubase 12)

Has anyone else had an issue getting really bad stuttering and audio dropouts during a gradual tempo change? I’m going from like 94 down to 74 over a measure with a ramp tempo change and it happens everytime! I’ve been trying to figure out a fix for this but have no idea.

Did you try increasing your buffer size on your interface?

Yeah, I tried that and everything else that I’ve read regarding latency. I have pretty good specs on my pc and only have the issue during the tempo change. It’ll barely run. It’s fine everywhere else.

I had posted a while back that when I went to C11 I started having issues with ‘ramp’ tempo changes. It was stated by someone from Steinberg that Cubase has trouble with ramping tempo.
This week, I started reworking an old project and noticed that the tempo changes were mostly ‘ramp’ and it worked just fine.

How come this works and new things I enter make the PC have fits?

I now have to enter granular jump tempo changes to get where I’m going. I also requested ‘feature’ to insert those dozens of tempo changes with a linear tool (convert a ramp to a bunch of jumps). Haven’t heard anything on that.

Pretty typical issue for me when I had a lower spec’d machine. Usually due to using effects heavy Kontakt plugins that sync’d to external host. If I detached the Kontakt plugin from the external tempo in the “master” section, it would clear the problem, but sometimes you need that sync…