Sforzando - Can't drag files


I am in Cubase 12, I have sforzando opened, and I want to drag an sf2 file from the folder where I have the soundfont, but when I go to Windows File Explorer, the Sforzando window automatically disappears, so it is not possible to drag files as if I can do in other DAWs. When I click on Cubase the Sforzando window appears again. Any suggestion?

(I am trying to attach a video but there is no way, I hope it is understood without the video)


My expectation is, the sforzando is any instrument, am I right?

Right-click the window header and disable the Always on Top option, please. Once this is disabled, the window stays on top if you switch to other application.

Wow, it works! :+1: It’s as if it’s the opposite of what the option says. But yes, by disabling the Always on top option, I was able to drag.

Thank you very much Martin for the solution and for the speed in answering :slightly_smiling_face: