The full installer for N10 is huge…more than 20 gigs. I was looking for SFX content and can’t find it. Is there no SFX in the new library or am I just blind?

I noticed this as well with N10 installer. FWIW, the SFX were in The N8 installer.

As a new Nuendo user I also thought I was missing something and downloaded N8 and got them from that installer.

Good to know. I’m also using the N8 SFX but thought there might be new offerings. Thanks.

Hello all,

the Pro Sound FX Library is a separate download and it is now available via the Steinberg Download Assistant. Nuendo 10 doesn’t include any new sound effects compared to Nuendo 8 though, so if you already have the package from N8, you don’t need to download it again.

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Cool. Thanks Luis.

does this mean if we ever have to do a reinstall, it won’t be as simple as running the n10 installer?