Sfz and sffz confusion

It seems that the markings “sfz” and “sffz” are outputting the same dynamics.
Here you can see that “sfz” and “sffz” are not different from one another, whereas “sfffz” is clearly putting out a higher dynamic than the other two.
Is there perhaps an issue under the hood?
I can’t seem to get different (CC and velocity) dynamics out of those two markings.
Here I have CC2 and velocity set to handle dynamics:

The output dynamic level depends on the dynamic power curve as defined either in Playback Options or in your expression map, if it’s overridden there. In a factory project, you’ll see a significant difference between sfz and sffz, but very little difference between sffz and sfffz, which makes sense, since the default power curve is much steeper between f and ff, and almost flat between ff and fff.