Is there a simple way for inputting sfzp?

I find I can easily input sfz p (writing sfz in the dynamics popover and then p in the suffix properties), but I guess this is not what you want…

Thanks! Yes that adds the p, but the font is different and the spacing between sfz and the p is incorrect. If, for example, you look at the ffp dynamic in Dorico, that’s the way it should look.

BTW, this should be possible in the combined dynamics pane, but right now I cannot find a way to do it…

I think it’s an oversight

Not so elegant way, but it works😊

With caret active: you could input the sfz below the note, then move the caret right, then input the p.

Dear Peadey, this would lead to quite the same problem as my solution : the space between the letters is not quite perfect, and could possibly move if the casting off moves. The OP wants a solution where the p has the same “weight and placing” as the other letters

You are quite right. Dorico needs to find a way where the whole string of letters can be written in a single operation. I am sure that they will make it possible in a future upgrade.

The best I can come up with is using sfp instead. Obviously it doesn’t solve the problem, but depending on your needs could be adequate.

The trick here is that sfp is actually a subito fp, which can be custom made in the combined dynamics pane, then in properties, set the subito forte style to sf. The ‘s’ then looks exactly as it would in a true sfz, and, fwiw, sf is an accepted convention for sfz (indeed, it’s one of the options you can set for rfz/sfz style).

Attachement: sfz, followed by subito forte piano, followed by sfz and p, just to show that sfp does indeed look correct, even though it is not.