SGA - How does it work?

Wife and I were talking about various, random topics and the topic of the Songwriter’s Guild of America came up. Neither of us knew how it works. Anyone here with firsthand experience with it? I assume you pay yearly dues (how much?); they provide song placement services (as part of the dues or separate fees?); and you get issued a check (quarterly?) based on whether your song was licensed by a recording artist, if the song was played, etc.

You use it to make a six-figure salary in music

Hey Larry,

I’d like to know this as well…


Dont you all have ASCAP in the US? We have SOCAN in Canada, they are a performing rights organization, primarily to collect royalties for public use of your material. I think the Guild may be something other than that… got to Google it now…

edit:: SGA looks like a more holistic approach to the business than ASCAP

Yeah, there’s ASCAP, BMI, etc. I’m just curious about at what point does this make the effort worth it both in terms of effort and financially. Etc.

For me, with Socan, there is no membership fee, they take a small cut of your royalty payment I believe. If you’re not getting much airplay, and I’m not sure what value membership would bring to you .