Shadow SH 075 won`t work on 64 bit PC/Cubase 9

Hi there, why does my Shadow SH 075 midi guitar controller work on a 32 bit pc within Cubase 5 but not on a 64 bit OS within Cubase 9 . is there anything i can load on to the 64 bit machine that will sort this problem . ta


Do you have 64 bit driver installed?

thanks for your reply Martin .i don`t think a driver is required for this midi controller .

Sorry I haven’t found any useful picture. The MIDI out, is it 5-din or USB? If it’s 5-din, how is it connected to your computer?

Pretty sure this is a DIN connection…don’t you use a midi interface or the midi connection of an audio interface??

So this is what might need the driver rather than the controller.

thanks again for the is connected to the pc via din lead to the midi in of the soundcard . here is the Shadow manual if it`s any help

you just got me thinking .up till now i have always connected through the midi in of an E-mu 0404 pci card and the drivers are very old for that , i have just bought a new sound card and i`m just learning how to use it ,the Tascam US-16x8 and it has midi in/out capabilities and is a lot more up to date. i will give that a shot . thanks

yes this was the problem . it worked perfect ,well ! as perfect as a midi guitar can be . i put the midi cable into the Tascam and hey presto cheers for that both of you. :smiley:

actually the real reason i was getting lots of bum notes with the guitar midi controller was because i had more than one midi port in the devices menu selected at the same time which was sending two different midi signals and paths to the same target synth and both arriving out of sync and causing all sorts of noises. de selecting one midi port sorted it out.

Hi guys,
i just registered because having the Shadow sh075 too, and being an old system, I was looking for news to use it to play a VST but I can’t hear any sound. As a DAW I use both Cakewalk and Reaper.

So far I have only used the MIDIPLUS mini expander which in the package provides an adapter cable from Midi with 5 pins to standard miniJack. So I have the midi signal on the minijack and insert it into the input of a Behringer UCA202 that works well with audio. I’m probably not able to adjust REAPER.

Can you tell me how I have to adjust Reaper to recognize Midi Shadow signals to the DAW ?

Thanks, regards

Hi and welcome,

This is Cubase forum. For Reaper adjust, ask on the Reaper forum, please.

Sorry but i humbly apologize and i wrote instinctively. You can delete the post, if you want.
Best regards.