Shake notation playback with Noteperformer/NPPE Synchron

Hello together,

I am having problems to get the shake notation playback work in Dorico with Noteperformer/NPPE Synchron. I am using the symbol from the Jazz section as it states Shake (Jazz Turn) in the NP documentation, not the one from the Baroque and Classic section. Nevertheless, for both I did not hear any note shake during playback.

My understanding is that Dorico does not yet have any playback for shake notation in place and therefore Noteperformer uses its own implementation to playback the quick note change to and back from the upper note. Basically a “similar” way of implementation like Noteperformer handles the trills. Is this correct?

What am I missing to make the shake sound like a shake?

Sound output should be something like here:


Can baroque and classical symbols play properly? I remember Dorico could only play the first symbol (tr)

The trill (tr) is working as expected in NP and NPPE.

What I found out:
I removed the NPPE and played the Shake (Jazz Turn) with NP only, this also works. So the problem then seems that NPPE has not yet implemented this articulation in the same way as trills have been implemented. Maybe @Wallander can support on this?

Not yet.

A good workaround is to Right-click>Staff>add staff above. Notate your ornament. Right-click>Staff>Manual visibility Hide it (or even remove it) the notes will still play! Supress playback of the note on the original staff.

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Solution at the moment: it is not supported by NPPE as libraries do not have any samples for this. For trills NPPE uses the libraries‘ trill samples.

So Janus‘s proposal might be the best fit at the moment.

We didn’t implement shake for NPPE because pitch-bend shakes don’t sound satisfactory when applied to samples.

We’ll activate it for a future update, but please have reasonable expectations.