Shakespearian moment.

Now that September has come and gone and the plangent toc of willow upon leather becomes a rapidly fading memory, and as we drift inexorably toward the winter of our discontent with no news from above, one is given to wondering when the promised N8 and N7 updates will blinking well appear. Let’s hope before the Christmas day and that all’s well that ends well. No legacy is so rich as honesty. Foresooth.

Well said!

There is a massive Windows 10 update coming mid-month along with Apple’s new file system changes. Pretty sure SB’s hand will be forced to issue this update at that time.


Nuendo 8.1 will include many fixes as well as new features. It is scheduled for the first week of November.
Nuendo 7.1.40 will be available around that time as well.


Dear Timo,
can you post a list of fixes please?

Thanks in advance.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Painfully slow bug fixing.

So maybe today!

Waiting as the messie…

Bobo? :wink: