shall i ? mr 816 with c7 ?

i was thinking of getting a new interface for my Home studio set up . at the moment i have been using the m audio delta 1010 lt for what seems like years and years it is not broken or has it ever let me down NEVER …
but i feel like a move into 2013. a 19 inch rack mounted interface where i can easy change stuff in and out without the cable mess behind my pc .

the steinberg 816 looks good … but… how is it with c7 ???

other alternative would be a motu 828 hybrid or focusrite18i20 scarlet
i know the mr is firewire and my pc has usb … buti would buy a firewire interface for my pc if i chose the MR…
feedback pls
thanks in advance

There’s always cable mess somewhere :wink:
Get a patchbay or three…

build a modular and get really messy :wink:

ha ha … indeed :slight_smile:
but is anyone usung mr with c7 and can give me a heads up ?

I am running 2 MR816s and C7.06. Generally speaking, they work well together. Each have their own goods and bads. The MR has some serious functionality issues if you use more than 1 (e.g., no direct monitoring) and you can look through the boards to find those. You must use a TI firewire card in your computer, or you will end up puling your hair out with dropout issues. Also, Steinberg seems to be spending time supporting the UR series interfaces and pretty much ignoring the older MRs, so I’d keep that in mind too. And you will probably still want to use a patchbay as most of the ins and outs are on the back.

Yes, I have Lambda picked. I think the problem I was having was clicking the “Insert monitoring” button in the track.
When I leave that off, it works fine. I had to adjust the Latency setting, and for the Lambda, it seems that the settings
have a little more of a drastic effect with Cubase 7 than with LE.