Share Button in the Hub on iPad

As you are working on including iCloud, Dropbox etc. in the iPad-version of Dorico, may I suggest a share-feature in the hub? Cloud sharing will be great but “normal” sharing between devices is also needed and at the moment is not very accessible:
You have to open every file you want to share which takes up quite a lot of time. A share button in the hamburger menus besides rename… and delete would be nice, even better if we could select multiple files and send them all together.

Personally I would be fine if sharing from hub would only include .dorico-files just to be able to quickly share files with students e.g.


Unfortunately the project has to be open in order to be shared as anything other than a Dorico project (because it has to be converted to PDF, or audio, or MusicXML, or whatever), but we could make it possible to share the raw Dorico project via the Hub, perhaps. Of course, it’s already possible via the built-in Files app.

I wasn’t aware I have access to the Dorico files from the files app. Thanks for the tip!