Share cubasis project in another software

How do we can open one project that crated with cubasis in another software for example auriapro or protools .
I cant find AAF option for export audio events ?
Please help me

Cubasis allows to export audio events to WAV, M4A and FLAC.
All DAW’s mentioned should be capable of importing WAV files.

Hope that helps.


But i mean that all of the wave events with same locations in time line for trasport to enother softwares as AAF file format.
I want to that several wave events with several tracks of cubasis as AAF file format tranport to the for example protools software or of protools to the cubasis app,.
please help me

Hi Pejman,

As of yet, Cubasis does not support AAF.
An easy workaround should be to export / import full length WAV files.

Hope that helps.