Share Faderport Classic (v1) script. Anyone?

Did anyone write a script for the old Faderport and would like to share it with the community?

It is working in Native Mode, but I want to add extra pages.

I don’t know how to write a script and if I use the surface editor, I have problem with the single encoder. It is recognized as a pitchbend but it looks like the messages that is sending are only two values: the highest and the lowest and I cannot assign it to any pot-function because I don’t have the expected behaviour.

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I have an old v1 Faderport as well. Does your Faderport disconnect at random when doing certain operations in Cubase such as adding an insert plugin e.g.?
It happens to me frequently. To fix it, I have to go to Studio Setup and add the Faderport again from Add Device. That annoyance has made me not use the controller in forever. I have tried to find a solution but Presonus offers no help with the argument that the product is discontinued and superseded by the v2 and Steinberg only shrugs and points to Presonus.
Sorry if I’m hijacking your thread, but every time I see someone using the v1 with Cubase I just have to ask. :slight_smile:

The only strange behaviour I 've noticed is that some times when I barely touch the volume fader it continues to “slip” for a few seconds. It is not my main controller so I 'm not sure if it disconnects randomly. I use it as remote channel from distance when I m recording guitars all alone and I want to assign a few more cubase functions.

Hope this isn’t too late but I did post on how to get the Classic V1 going for Cubase on Windows: