Share in-app purchase on family share

I’ve owned Cubasis 2 for a while but rarely used it, finally broke down and bought Cubasis 3 as well as all the Waves in app purchases and drum machines. I have an old iPad (which i used to make the purchase), however, at night time i want to use my wife’s M1 iPad to record/mix. I see that the app can be downloaded but it doesn’t find the waves plugins (nothing to restore). Is there a way to restore the in app purchases? I thought i read Apple allowed this over a year ago.


Hi @chrismilne,

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You can install Cubasis on all iOS devices which are logged onto the same account which have been used for the app purchase.

Once you’ve installed the app on a new device, please tap the “SHOP” button, followed by “RESTORE PURCHASES” to make your previous in-app purchase become available on that device too.

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