Share percussion instruments between multiple (two) players


I’m working on transcribing a score that contain many different percussion instruments that are performed by two players. However, it’s written in such a way, that it’s never specified which player plays which instrument in any given situation.

I’ve decided to give all of the percussion instruments to one player, but that leads to some not altogether ideal solutions.

Any ideas how to solve this situation?

Need more specifics before we can suggest a solution. What do you mean by “not ideal”?

Yes, more details will be useful!

I know of many scores in the wind band world that have one or two staves for percussion that can easily be played by 5-6 players, but they have to coordinate themselves.

Do you have an example of what you want to achieve and the problems you run into?

Thank you for such quick answers!

The attached picture is a good example. In this context it would be much better to have two different staves in the part, but since it’s one player Dorico wants to use one single staff whenever possible.

Easy to make two “players” to represent your two staves, group the desired instruments in each, then create a percussion layout that includes both staves.

You can even just switch off instrument changes for that particular percussion layout, i.e. it can display as if it were a single staff in the full score layout, but consistently on two staves in the part if need be.

Thank you for your replies!
I will have to try this out, but in this case there are a multitude of percussion instruments, which in the original score is written in such a way so as to be played by two percussionists, so what I’d really like to do is to somehow tell Dorico to always use two staves, no more less, no less, no matter how many or few instruments there are. I will take a further lool following your answers.