Share project window with VST connect


Working with director or editor I sometime would like them to see the events on timeline rather than the video or webcam. Would be usefull to be able to switch view (from the studio side) so the preformer can see this. Or “share screen” so that I can arrange in the same screen project window and a small version of the video window.
For exemple I need to work with the video editor because we have issues with some EDL that can’t reconform properly. I need the editor to see some discrepancy between markers and shots. And for this the fastest way is to show him rather than say “here I have a marker” that he can’t see in the video.

I think the Pro version can do that.
Although I use VST Connect almost every day, I never tried it.
But I do see the desktop of Performers who don’t have a webcam connected.
So I think it is possible the other way around too.

From the manual:
Note Only VST Connect Pro can send a Monitor Screen or an application window.


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oh… how could I missed that :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

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