:-) Share Some Laughs? — "Best" Ideas for (ahem) "Improving" (i.e., ruining) Dorico

“Click” virtual asst. — love it!

How about, since it’s music software, “Click-Hear-y,” “who” just clicks things for you without telling you what or why while talking about random subjects? :face_with_spiral_eyes::smile:

Dorico announces feature-full collaborative release with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Generate complete scores using the new Tay Tay Sheeran Song Generator which generates 3 chords in 4-bar phrases which repeat throughout the score in various inversions for 3 full minutes. All at the click of a button. Full production-quality songs are guaranteed with this new Write mode. Drum Groove Generator available in new Dorico Platinum for $1,200 and Receive a color poster of both of these legendary artists, hand-signed by the Dorico Team, perfect for hanging in any room.

12-Tone Black Midi serialism Write mode is clearly :

yet academics will find an excuse to mandate the study of its serialist compositional output for an entire curriculum year.

For those of you who may not have seen this before - sharing this older video which is still a gem of nerdy music & software humor :crazy_face:

I wish the Dorico team made these more often for every new release!


Thank you for sharing that, @wing!

That is most excellent, @Anthony_at_Steinberg — a veritable tour de force of software- and UI-design “excellence” and a bookmark for the ages!!!

(So good, in fact, that I nearly marked it as “the solution” :white_check_mark:)

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How about some music and text fonts that do notate nothing in case you want to play nothing. “Musicless” … Write Mode/ Engrave/Print Mode/ No Mood Mode :joy:


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Nice! Sort of the 4:33 font, eh?


Pixel font bitmap alike …, with capability of printing music at 30 dpi…. At lowest resolution ever… guess the music task!

And Pay nothing after published. Although “Doesn’t Pay” already applies to composed music so maybe it is a feature already implemented and duplicate features are not worth implementing. Therefore this feature should definitively be doubly implemented, as it is already not worth implementing, and it produces no worth ($0) by implementing.

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I got this idea from someone’s MuseSore plugin: a panel for playing Wordle! :joy:

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To switch the notes in two staves (e.g., change Clarinet 1 for Clarinet 2 and vice-versa), hold down Ctrl-Alt-Del-Esc and use Shift+Up (or down) cursor while selecting the range with the mouse. This will work normally if the score is in concert pitch. In transposed mode, the pitches will also retrograde.

I believe Finale already has this feature.

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After watching a video on HALion 7, and how HALion, which is normally a VST instance, also operates as a standalone app, I believe the opposite should be true as well.

Dorico, as well as a standalone app, should be available as a VSTi. Then, HALion, in any instance, could load Dorico in a Program slot. Then, an instrument in Cubase can actually be assigned as a VSTi of Dorico itself. Therefore eliminating the problem of data comunication between Dorico and any DAW, because Dorico would be assignable to every instrument in the DAW. Also, in HALion which allows 16+ Program slots, there could be 16+ instances of Dorico-as-an-instrument running at once. Consider the polyphony which is possible from this.

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Press Alt + F4 to have all your musics done in an instant. Dorico uses the Force to connect to your brain and your inner thoughts to do this job efficiently.


The original audio for that was actually done by a friend of mine (under a pseudonym) who is a great saxophonist himself over 10 years ago. Pretty funny!

Pretty old by now, but all the Hans Groiner fixing Monk vids are great too, as are the various “shreds” vids.

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Thank you for the recent Dorico 7.11 update. We now have the long awaited ability to add tiki bars to any score. Thank you team!
tiki 1


Are we still allowed to do normal bars?

You mean wine bars or biker bars?

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@Sergei_Mozart, in a future upgrade it will use the Force-Quit instead.


Hilarious, @Dollr! Does that mean Dorico Pro ships with an umbrella?

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