Share Synth Patches/Midi Loops/Strip Presets ect with community

I would love to see the sharing of Synth patches, Strip settings, Chord pad settings, Midi Loop files ect in some kind of community tab.

For example, you open up your Midi Loop browser, you have all your own collection as you currently do, then you have the Online section.
You can filter & sort by Genre, type, name, rating ect.

Obviously with Midi Loops you would need to filter out the vst’s you don’t currently have and vst version might be necessary information to avoid incompatible patches between vst versions.

Same thing goes for .vstpresets, channel strip presets, chord pad patches and anything else…
A nice community tab which uses our usernames and integrates patches from the community under all the normal places we save patches…
We can easily turn on the sharing of our local patches to the community and while we are at it, we can store our preferences and key commands in our online profile :sunglasses:

cool idea

Yesssss, please steinberg, make this happen :smiley:

That would be very dope!