Share v9.5/10 Content to Reduce Size?

I received a Cubase 10 license during a grace-period, but it looks like the download is ~20GB, which is a lot. I may stay with Cubase 9.5 for now, but I was hoping to try 10 at some point. Is some of the content for 10 shared with 9.5, in which case, will I save space? Also, the installer is 20 GB, but is Cubase 10 really that large?
What are some options I can take to reduce the size of the completed installation, given that I already have everything from 9.5 installed?
(I have ~302 GB remaining on my drive and am unsure of how much should remain on it. I think that I can go down to about 160.)

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If you go to the download site and select 10, you should be able to simply upgrade without installing the full version. That’s the route I typically use and yes some (but definitely not all) of the content from 9.5 is shared because the upgrade is significantly smaller in comparison to the full version. And you’ll still have access to your prior version so they can run in parallel coexisting separately on your system.

In fact, the only way to acquire the full version is to use the Steinberg installer which will provide you with the option of either an upgrade or full installer file.

Strange, I thought that the download assistant only provided the full version. Where are you looking online? I only see updates for existing installations of 10 and a link to the download assistant for everything else.

EDIT: Maybe the full installer automatically detects what content not to re-install. In that case, may I have an estimate for how much more space the installation will require?

Sorry if my info was confusing but you’re looking in the right place. I’m not at my system at the moment but I’m pretty certain I’ve been able to upgrade using the installer as well as opt for the full installation file. In fact, I’m almost certain of it.

Have you downloaded the installer and checked it out to affirm?

I’ve never immediately downloaded the full installation file when going from one version to another. I upgraded from 9.5 to 10 last year… no full install.

I only just recently (2 days ago) used the installer to acquire the full install file which is as you said, very large.

I see only a full installer for 10 and a 10.0.15 maintenance update, which seems too small to be more than a direct patch to 10 instead of an upgrader. Would you have time to verify what the correct thing to do is?

Full installer! But it will not double what you already have, content wise.

Is the idea that after the installation process, only the new content will be added? Approximately how much space will this take?
Also, are there any known bugs associated with having multiple Cubase installations side-by-side?

That’s correct, Cubase 10 doesn’t take 21 GB of your space. Also, I believe vinark is on point with what he said. As for the size, I can only tell you that on my system (Mac) Cubase 9 is registering roughly around 700+ MB and Cubase 10.0.15 is about 800+ MB and I’d assume that number may be slightly higher if I were to factor in preference files and etc but the space allocation for neither is anywhere near the size of the installation file.

Good question and one that from my own personal experience I’ve found to be questionable at best. :smiley: According to Steinberg support, there shouldn’t be any issues with parallel installations and for the most part I’d agree with that. But on my system sometimes when things seem a little quirky I believe it is sometimes attributed to when storage locations are the same for both versions and files are overwritten and when that happens I just totally remove the upgraded version and install a full fresh install. But generally speaking, I haven’t really had any real issues running both versions.

They do install in separate directories although some content is shared.

In fact, I will usually keep both versions on my system so in the case where the newer version may have issues that surface I revert to using the older more tried and proven version until hot fixes are released.

But to my knowledge and to be fair on answering that question and on a much larger scale; no, there are no known bugs associated with having multiple version running simultaneously on the system.

A bit wordy but hope that helps you out. :wink:

That helps. As it turned out, I only needed less than 1GB, though I hope I won’t encounter any bugs. Otherwise, I guess that I’d need to wipe both installations and start fresh, yes?

In the unlikely event that should happen, I’d suggest to remove only the version that you’d suspect having a problem first. Then as a last resort, as you’ve said; wipe both installs and start fresh.

Then again, I tend to prefer the least invasive and less time consuming options first. Inevitably it would be your call on that.

Thanks! It’s too bad that there’s no real uninstaller on macos though. I think there may be a list of items to remove though.

Yep, I think that has been the general consensus among all Mac users. But if you ever want to take that route, bookmark these two links. They’ll save you another post should you need to uninstall:

Cubase 9.5

Cubase 10

The first link was the first method posted by Steinberg, the second link is specifically catered to more current versions of Steinberg products and later versions of the OS. I’d personally recommend referencing them both when you have parallel installs and want to fully cleanup house.


Thank you. I’ll keep those pages for reference.