Shared Audio Copies?


Is there a way to use shared copies, but with audio or folders?


For audio Yes. Go to edit menu --> preferences --> editing --> audio --> “On processing shared clips”

Thanks for your answer - but it’s not working the way I hoped it would.
I would like to make a shared copy of an audio event and when I change something on one file (let say the volume) the other one changes as well. Is this possible?

Well not exactly shared copies, but here’s something similar. Copy your event as you like over the track, then select all those copies and press Ctrl G. This will group them. Then, when you select any one of them, all will be selected, and any change you make to one will apply to all. If at any time you wish to ungroup them, press Ctrl U.

But why does a shared copy for audio doesn’t exist? After all, all copied events reference the same file, do they not? Anyone more experienced know?

How do you expect it to work then?

If you go to the settings i posted above and set it to process existing clip, then when you copy the audio event and edit it, it will change it in all copies and thus make it a shared copy.

It does, see the setting i posted above.

Where are you adjusting the volume?

Right now, I have Preferences>On Processing Shared Clips=Process Existing Clip.

In the project window, I have recorded an event. I try to copy over this event with Alt Shift Drag, so that it will make a “Shared Copy”. It doesn’t let me. So then I Alt Drag. I now select a clip, and perform a fade. The other event remains intact. I lower the event gain from the top of the event, the other remains intact.

YES, if I apply a Direct Offline Process on one of the events, the other gets it.

And now I see that if you make the two same adjacent events into an audio PART, the PART can have “Shared Copies”. Mind. Blown. :laughing:

Edit: So if I select a single Event, and then do Audio > Events to Part, I can then have actual shared copies, the fades and gain of which can be edited from the audio part editor, and apply to all shared copies.

Edit 2: But then again, you can’t apply DOP to an audio part. I think I understand what’s going on. Those little blocks we get in the project window, let’s call them containers. For audio, they contain the waveform, let’s call it data. When we have midi, the midi events (notes) are data, the midi part is the container. Now, when I create a shared copy for midi, as per manual, two parallel lines and all, it’s the data that gets shared. If I change a note (data), the note changes in all parts (containers). But if I change the length of a part, this is NOT reflected to all other parts. Which means, container properties are not shared.

And that’s why event gain and fades for audio events are not shared, because they are considered properties of the “container”?

Hmm… I’m not sure if I would like it if they shared everything, as a thought it is interesting, but I can’t imagine how it would work, I’d have to use it in real in order to find out.

The group workaround works great - thanks.
For clarification: I am using the volume control in the properties menu - so I am not really changing the volume of the audio file, but volume of the event.

You might have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term ‘shared copy’ and what this actually means in Cubase terms.

Copying an audio event always creates a shared copy. This means that the referenced audio on the hard disk is shared. If you edit the audio for one of the copied audio events using the sample editor (for example), the edits will affect ALL the copied events (if you choose ‘Continue’ in the pop-up dialogue which appears). This is what ‘shared’ means.
Shared does not include the handles (fade, level) or other event based elements of the audio events. If you want to copy fades and so on between events, simply select the events first, or group the events as has already been suggested.

Thanks for the explanation!