Shared Copies Passages of Music

It would be very nice to have Shared copies feature just like Cubase.
This is a small example here but the shared copies feature would be even better in bigger passages.

for example when I move a note in a certain passage the shared copies part also get affected.

an excellent idea in my view. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve copied a section and then decided a few things should be changed in both. Of course it’s possible to re-copy the section but much better if you the option to enable a shared copy feature.

Particularly good would be if you could mark out a small section within the main selection which should not be changed as it often happens that the vast majority of a section should be repeated but there may be some changes of instrumentation or an added line. I myself hardly ever make use of the standard repeat feature in Dorico – that’s more for verses in conventional choral/vocal music arrangements, it seems to me although of course it does have other functions. I also admit to always losing the place in marked repeats while singing :confused: but let’s not digress…

Please, as per the forum rules, don’t post duplicate threads. You’ve posted about this 2 days ago

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Thanks Lucas I am aware of this however in the original post I could not attach my pic to my post originally…I will delete that post.

can’t find the delete button for The post itself…

The OP may not be able to delete the actual post, given restrictions on lower Trust Level users being able to edit posts that are more than 24 hours old.

Thanks I think you are right. I will delete the older one once I can.

also i had asked for the same function a long time ago. it would be very useful indeed!

Finale has this function via the “mirror tool”, but it doesn’t work all that well.