shared copies

hi,i have 3 bass notes as audio in a bar.I want to copy this bar 100 times,but i want them as shared copies.If i use the range tool,and go to edit,repeat, it dosent give the option to have as shared copies.whereas if i selected the 3 notes with the cursor and go into edit,repeat, i do have option of shared copies.But this is no good as the notes i am copying dont fall on first beat,but if i copy them they end up on first beat.

If I understand you correctly it sounds like you just need to adjust the start of the event to the bar start & then copy the event. You can use range/bounce selection to do this if you can’t just drag the event start

i can copy ok, but cant copy as shared copy!

So you have created an event that starts on the bar by bouncing selection…then you go to edit/repeat but you can’t select shared copies??
In your first post you already described how you could use shared copies by clicking the event & now you say you can’t so not really sure what you are doing.

I have an alternative suggestion…

What I would do in this case is to first set the snap point of the first note so it’s on the bar line (I usually set the cursor on the bar start and use something like Set Snap point to Cursor - which I have set to Alt-S). Then I’d grab all 3 notes and ghost copy them to the next bar. Then grab all 6 notes and ghost copy them, etc. With only 7 selectAll-copy-drags you’ll have over 100 copies, job done. Sometimes I group them too just so they’re easier to select later.


You can do this by creating an empty audio part (for instance 1 bar) overlap it on the bass notes, glue the empty audio part and bass notes together. You now can repeat it 100 times with “shared copy” ticked and the notes stay in place. The empty part is functioning as place holder.

This highlights a problem that didn’t used to happen in Cb3… A change between Cb3 and Cb4 occurred in where the snap point for audio is created. In Cb3 it used to be created on barlines whereas in Cb4-6 it’s created at the start of the audio part - which isn’t really very useful. So, now when you copy or slide new audio parts they snap to the wrong place, i.e. the start of the part rather than the musical barline position. I wish they’d put back the original method - or does someone know how to get the old method back?