Shared Copy Not working

I cannot create a shared copy of a midi event in Cubase 10. I tried alt-shift-drag, but, that does not work. alt-drag creates a duplicate, but, not a shared copy. I can do this with select Edit > Functions > Repeat>click shared box, but, would like a keyboard shortcut.

Does anyone know how to get alt-shift-drag to work?

Also, I already tried resetting my key commands.

Try pressing alt-shift after starting the drag.

If that doesn’t work:
Setting up Tool Modifier Keys?

If that doesn’t help

I had the same issue today. The solution is to click shift on keyboard and drag a duplicate while holding the right side of the midi event. Alt-shift did not work for me.

I agree: alt doesn’t work on either of my PCs, but this from the manual does:
Move the mouse pointer over the middle of the right event border so that it becomes a pointing hand symbol, hold down Shift, click and drag to the right to create a shared copy.