Shared Copy Not Working

I’m trying to create a shared copy of audio. I’ve done everything
(function-repeat shared copy checked, shift+drag right middle of event,
alt+shift) nothing works. While shift dragging the pop-up does say shared
copy, but there is no equal sign in any event indicating it’s a shared copy
and editing any event does not automatically duplicate in the others.

Windows 10
Cubase 10.5.12

Thanks for your help

Hi and welcome,

As far as I know, the Shared copies don’t work for Audio Events and Parts. These are working for MIDI Parts only.

Actually what is your use case? What exactly do you want to share among the Audio Events?

Thank you. I thought shared copies also worked with audio. There are some operations that do ask if you want to affect the original file. Maybe Steinberg could make it a new feature. In my case it would be quite helpful.

Thanks again.


Yes, if you apply any offline process to multiple events sharing the same source file, Cubase asks you, if you want to apply it to all events (so they still do share the same source) or if you want to apply it to this only one event (so the copy of the file would be created and applied just to this copy).

Therefore I was asking, what exactly would you like to share among the Audio Events.

When I copy a chorus part and for instance cut the background noise between words from the original, I would like the copies to follow suit. I have to go to each copy and repeat the same procedure. I know I could remove the noise before copying but sometimes my workflow doesn’t make that possible

Put the audio parts inside another part using the command “Events to Part”.
Then you can make ghost copies of that “nested” part. Just click and hold (and drag) on the part before you use alt+shift

Thank You. I finally got what I was looking for but I must add that you have to open the “part” inside the edit window for this to work. The arrange window still only edits the individual parts, not the shared ones.

Thanks again.
Please be careful out there.