Shared copy of a shared copy?

So I just recently learned about Shared Copies after 10+ years of using Cubase. They’re really valuable! However, I am experiencing this issue:

Let’s say I have MIDI events for my parts A, B and C that I want to repeat as shared copies.

I want to go from:

Simple and logical, right?

Well, if i select and shift+alt-drag to repeat it the four A’s won’t all be shared. Editing the 1st will edit the 3rd and 5th but not the 2nd/4th/6th. This is a major issue, as I’m mostly dealing with more complicated parts like AAAABAABCCDDCCDD…

Let me know if I’m missing anything or if you can think of a simple workaround.

In your original AABC, are the two A’s shared copies? It sounds like they aren’t. In other words, you didn’t start with AABC. You started with ADBC.

No, that’s just the problem. AA are shared copies.

In that case, I can’t reproduce your problem.