Shared Duplicate shortcut request

Can I get a ‘‘Shared Duplicate’’ command, that would work the same way as Edit-Functions-Duplicate, but have it shared?
Or at least in Edit-Functions-Repeat dialog box have the ‘‘Shred Copies’’ checkbox checked or unchecked by default every time. Than I could do it with AutoHotKey.
(I know you can alt-shift drag or make one shared and the rest just Duplicate, but this has been requested since the beginning of time)

I think that the inability to navigate to the “Shared Copies” checkbox is a miss (issue) in CB13.
In CB12 one can just press tab (while in the count box) and the “Shared Copies” receives focus. This way we can always create macros (as in AutoHotKey that you use) and replicate the shared-duplicate behavior.

I would appreciate seeing this solved in one way or another in future updates.