Shared Events/Parts


This is probally a dumb question but i cant really find the answer in the manual.

I have some shared midi-events/parts that i have converted to “real copy” so i can edit them 1 by 1. But how do i convert them back to shared midi-events/parts?

I think if you’ve converted them to real copies and then edited them you couldn’t turn them back into virtual copies because they’d all be different.

I guess that was the point of turning them into real copies in the first place.

Jenks got in while I was typing this…however:

Once you edit the Shared Parts after converting to Real Copies, they no longer share the same data…so attempting to revert them back to Shared Copies (the original state) is an impossibility.

The best solution I can think of is to copy the original track and mute it. Edit the copy (Convert to Real Copies) and revert back to the original if you need to go backwards. Of course, once you edit the converted to real copies, they could be used to create new shared copies and you could continue on from there.

Ok i hear what u guys are saying.

Im fairly new to Cubase so i have to learn the workflow.

My problem was, that i created a drum midi-part and just repeated several parts to go with the project. But the parts wasnt shared so i thought i could somehow tell cubase to make them shared.

So, select one of the Parts that you are happy with, then delete and replace all the others with shared copies of that one :slight_smile:.