Shared Expression Maps?

Is there a way to make it so all expression maps show up on all projects? I don’t want to have to constantly export from one project to the next, especially since I’m always making new expression maps/making changes.

Try dragging them onto the Hub.

If you’re making Playback Templates, they’ll automatically get loaded in as required.

Ok, you lost me there. What is the difference between Expression Maps and Playback Templates?

I’d recommend watching John Barron’s video showing how to make Playback Templates, if you’re using any third-party sample libraries and custom configs.

An Expression Map is the thing that links notation types (e.g. pizz, legato) to sample libraries’ controls (e.g. key switches, CCs).

An Endpoint Configuration is a particular saved set of instruments (in Dorico) with particular loaded VST patches, using the appropriate Expression Map.

A Playback Template is one or more sets of Endpoints, which you apply to a document, to load in the correct samples and Ex maps.

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Ok, this is helpful, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a way to specifically have all my expression maps on all projects, because different projects require different setups. I might want to have the Iconica library on a project but the default setup on another, and having every expression map be shared in all project would greatly help me on this.

As said, it used to be the case that you could drag an expression map exported file (e.g. a .doricolib file) onto the Hub, and it would ‘install’ itself. I haven’t tried in v4.

However: the whole point of Playback Templates is exactly so you can change the libraries and setups you need for different projects, without having to do the same manual config over and over.

Okay… Thank you! Will try dragging into the hub in version 4 as you said.

EDIT: Didn’t work :pensive: