shared Keyboard shortcut presets?

Hello all! and Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it! :sunglasses:

I have a question on a topic or perhaps a lack thereof that perplexes me a bit. I just upgradeded to Cubase Pro 9 and I did it on one of my two computers (I’ll update the other next year!) The one I am using now is a Mac Mini and I find myself a tad frustrated by the sad state of the Keyboard shortcuts. Normally this is not a problem for me but unfortunately, at the moment I am using a compact Mac Bluetooth keyboard without a numpad. I am finding that many of the critical functions for navigating around the transport requires a lot of “num + (some key)” which just doesn’t work in my case. (There is no “numlock” and no 10 digit keypad embeded into the querty keys like on some laptops) So now I am stuck with the tedious task of trying to assign logical keyboard shortcuts. While doing this, I am thinking that I am definitely re-inventing a wheel! It occurs to me that scores of other very seasoned Cubase users out there have already figured all this out many times before. I was surprised that I was not able to find anything in my google and Steinberg searches that hint at where one might find keyboard shortcut presets that others might have shared!

I have tried both the pre-sets that come installed with Cubase but I am finding they are really kludgy - especially regarding transport navigation…

Is anyone aware of a site somewhere one might find such a thing? I am particularly hoping to find one defined for Mac Keyboards in mac laptops or someone cursed (as I am) with one of these Num-pad - less compact keyboards!