Shared layers when splitting or adding parts

When splitting a song to have loopable parts, the newly created parts duplicate the original one, so we have a new instance of every instrument contained in the layers. This is really resources consuming, and not easy to handle if we have to modify a sound for the whole song.

Maybe you could add an option to copy the layers as Shared when splitting a part.

And another request/suggestion: it would be really great to have the possibility to move at least Midi and DMX clips to the Media Bay, to easily reuse them in another song or project. This way, we could create a pool of drum rhythms, or fixture movements, for example.

Have a good weekend!

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How would the app know, user didn’t meant to create “a completely new” part but a shared one? :wink:

Of course, I was thinking of an option like a box to (un)check before part splitting or adding action.

or ctrl

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Still better!