Shared or "child" or "ghost" midi tracks

I’d like to see the ability to have the complete contents of a midi track shared or mirrored on another midi track.

So like the already included “shared copy” midi feature, but that shares all midi events on a track.

So picture this: you have a sampler track with a kick on it.

You also have a VSTi track with a synth producing a bass line.

On this bass VSTi, you open up midi lanes and designate one lane to mirror all data on the kick track.

You can then use this midi data to, for example, trigger an envelope in you bass VSTi that will duck the bass when the kick hits.

And of course, because this data is mirrored from the kick midi, when you change your kicks, the bass duck trigger midi will also change.

Why set up this complicated routing? For the simple reason that you can freeze either kick or bass VSTi track without worrying about any dependencies of internal routing. Sometimes in these cases, as it stands, one isn’t able to freeze a track because of the routing.

The same would apply if you want to have a synth sound out of 3 different layered VSTi. It would make it easy to freeze one or all of these synths.

And i’m sure there would be other uses for it as well.

Any takers?

Maybe I’m not getting it, but isn’t this the same result you would get using a send on a midi track?

Sampler tracks don’t have midi sends, nor does a VSTi track. So it require extra midi tracks, more complication, project bloat.

Additionally, with a midi send you can’t do tricks like bring the ghost midi track forward or back in time to change your side-chain triggering timing. Although in theory it’s possible, it’s not implemented.

I can imagine there would be many other uses.

And think about it: if we’ve been given shared midi copies, why wouldn’t we also have and need shared complete midi tracks?

Well now, you’ve lost me completely. You said shared or “child” or “ghost” midi tracks. I can’t make sense of what you’re saying, and it sounds super convoluted.

Yeah, we’re talking about advanced techniques here so i wouldn’t expect everyone to get it. But thanks for trying anyway.

I was being polite. In my view, the essence of your request is that all midi-related tracks should have midi sends, and for them to be freely routable, which is something we’ve been asking for on instrument tracks since they were introduced – and the same request would be logical for sampler tracks.

Another object is another object, ghost or not.

Well, can’t the destination track be advanced or retarded?

Not really. personally, I don’t see the logic of how one follows the other. If they put it in, surely people will use it, but the good way to add features is to keep the semantics of the existing ‘gestalt’, and build on that.