shared vst folder for 6, 7, and Pro8?

Hi my question is…can Cubase 6.5…7.5…and Pro 8 32 bit share the same 32 bit folder
and can they as 64 bit share the same 64 bit vst folder

cheers, Kevin

The programs should be in separate folders but the vstplugins folder should be shared.

thank you for your answer, so just to confirm for a non confident “puter” user,

I can amalgamate my 32 bit plugin folders for the use of the 32 bit versions of Cubase
and I can amalgamatemy 64 bit folders for the use of the 64 bit versions of Cubase

cheers, Kevin

Yep…this is for vst2 plugs, vst3 are already installed to shared folders.

You could have one vstplugins folder for 32bit (in Programs (x86) folder, usually in Steinberg folder but can be where you like.) and one for 64 bit in Programs.

Note that there is nothing intrinsically wrong in having multiple folders, but if they are copies of the same plugs it will make updating and installing more complex than it needs to be.

Further to this I personally do have one other folder use which is specifically for 32bit plugs that I want to use in 64bit with the bridge and putting plugs here means I can let Cubase see only this selection rather than all 32bit plugs.

Thanks again, I’ve end up with 2 seperate folders for 32 bit and 2 seperate folders for 64 bit and wanna tidy the place up a bit…so I’ll amalgamate them and hopefully end up with a tidier “puter”

cheers, Kevin

Grim is once again correct :slight_smile:

I currently place the VST dlls in C:\Program FIles\Common Files\VST2, which mirrors the VST3 path (C:\Program FIles\Common Files\VST3). In the image, how it is organised internally, pretty similar to what Grim recommended.

You can use the same structure for 32 bit plug-ins for consistency in the same path for 32 bit plug-ins (C:\Program FIles (x86)\Common Files\VST2).

All plug-ins are shared between C6.5, 7.5 and 8 here.

We have articles, if you want to check them out

Ok thank you Fabio, I’ll take a look at the articles…Kevin