Sharing drum midi pattern between the kits logic???

In groove agent 5, from Production Groves, I load “Addielove” kit together with patterns.
Than I get in the Pattern->Agent->MIDI midi pattern “Addielove - Groove 1 - 128”, “Addielove - Groove 2 - 128” , etc

When I browse for this pattern from other kits, which I load, for example, from next one also from Production grooves, “Aerosol”, and I want to load the pattern “Addielove - Groove 1 - 128”, I can’t see it in browsing window.

In mediabay is visible, but I can’t drag it in to Groove agent on any position (either on tabs or on midi pattern slot,…).
Lot of similar examples.

Why is this so? Why some midi patterns and not available overall across all kits?