Sharing my 128 custom color set

Great stuff. I’m clearly missing something - how did you get this set up? Wanted more colours for ages! I wonder is it possible to export/import these into existing projects?

thanks a lot for this - looks very stylish

Yeah thanks…really cool :slight_smile: I echo an above poster though, is there a way to get it into other projects or do projects have to start with this cpr file? :slight_smile:

Great share, thanks! I’ve decided to forge ahead with my own color set and will share it here when done.

I like this colour setup but having graduated shades seems like it would make it really cluttered soon, once you start moving tracks around and therefore the shades will lose that graduated look ?

Project/Project Colors Setup

Load project with the new colours you want. Store colours as default. Load project where you want to apply new colours. Reset colours to default.

Of course - many thanks!

I love this set and use it. Thank You so much Allegro.

Here is my simple 16 color set inspired by Greg’s hangout colors :slight_smile: Not much in order or anything but simple soft colors easy on the eye.

Please excuse my thickness but I have no idea how to do any of what you suggest…store the colors as default…how/where…reset the colors to default…how/where…? :slight_smile:
My apologies for not knowing this stuff, :blush:

@shadowfax it’s all hidden away under Project/Project Colors Setup/Options

For anyone still having trouble…

Open the project file that allegro shared.

Go to Project/Project Colors Setup

Go to the options tab and select “Store Color Set as Default”

Now when you open projects or templates without this color pallet…

Go to Project/Project Colors Setup

Go to the options tab and select “Reset Color Set as Default”

Save your project/template

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Thanks peAk! FIRST time that thing is clear to me.

Both of you, thanks for sharing.

Thank you!!!

Noice! Thanks :slight_smile:

Had been nice if Cubase 11 came with a color palette redesign, like free color choice, whole color palette at any time, auto color selected tracks in a defined rage etc. I want that my Cubase can look like a Pixar movie LOL

Thank you peAK… :slight_smile:

Thank you stingray :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished my version of the 128 colors for Cubase 10.5.
It’s designed so each row is for 1 type of instrument and they are labeled as such.

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

CPR file:


Thanks. Looks awsome.