Sharing Percussion kits, maps etc

Is there a repository of Percussion kits, percussion maps and expression maps somewhere at Steinbergia?

I’m in need of a GM drumkit, and thought such a thing would be easy to find, but so far no luck…

Dorico already has a GM Percussion map, as well as an Xg percussion map which is 95% identical.

Thanks, Paul, I did find those, but then do I need to build my own Percussion Kit to use with one of them? Perhaps I overlooked it from the installation?

No, the default ‘Drum set (basic)’ and ‘Drum set (full)’ kits you can add via the instrument picker in Setup mode will map onto the Yamaha XG kit by default if you’re using the supplied HALion Sonic SE sounds. If you’re using your own sample library or another virtual instrument, make sure you choose the appropriate percussion map in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Wow, how did I not see that?