Sharing - Popup menu to load plugins - Layer (Audio/Midi)?


  1. After I finished my song and saved it I have problems with Omnisphere.
    I have 1 instance of omnisphere per song with 6-8 parts in sharing mode. Everything runs perfectly.
    But after I shutdown Windows and want to play this song again the next day, the sounds of Omnisphere are no longer present in sharing mode, it was replaced by the default plugin.
    I have this problem also with Padshop, so in general. I can solve this problem only if I load each time a new instance of the plugin, but consumes a lot of resources and the flexibility and manageability is very complicated.
  2. The popup menu to load the plugins should be able to enlarge, I scroll felt 5 minutes to find the shared plugin (not possible for the moment - see point 1). The line is not wide enough. A setlist consists of ±20 songs with ±15 parts and 2-4 layers each,…
  3. LAYER in sharing mode : If I understand correctly I have the possibility to choose audio and midi for the volume. If I change something there, it is for the whole song. But I would like to have in a song (plugin share) the possibility to adjust the volume for the different parts. Audio : Main out plugin; MIDI; internal 0-127: That means: Audio and Midi are not coupled.
  1. just tried (with Halion Sonic SE, Options set “Program Change” to “GM Mode”).
    Admittedly, that is with the upcoming version 1.0.42 which we will probably release soon.
    Everything loads just as saved.
    Note that when you move projects or their assets you may run into problems. Use the “Save Archive” function to save assets along with the project.
  2. Agreed, will fix.
  3. Layers are not shared, only Instruments are. The Audio Channel belongs to the Instrument, everything else (MIDI) is set individually per Layer.

Exactly. The Instrument has only one audio output which is common to all Layers sharing it. This is why a Layer changes to MIDI Controls when you assign a Shared Instrument to it. For multitimbral (shared) use, use MIDI Out Channel to address the Instruments slot, and MIDI volume/pan/mute/program change etc to individually program slots of your Instrument. Hope that clarifies it.