Sharing Project files -- how to?

Hi all,
when i’ m sending my CPR at my friend, we have same bank sounds & updates, sometimes, even with Halion, he don’t have the (my) correct sound
Any idea please

Hello and welcome!

Do you have any screenshots of any error messages perhaps?

Thanks for your reply,
no error message
I m sending this moment sounds with Halion 7, for him it s halion se3.
So Halion 7 is really in his cubase and updated

Perhaps you can render the Halion track to audio. That way you don’t run into issues if there are sample libraries not present on both machines.

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I think when you use instruments which incorporate samples the used samples must have the identical path on both systems (drive letter or drive name, folders, name).
Those samples are not included in the project file.

thanks both
I try but I think it s the better way to have same path
cpr was the correct transfert only for me cos I have a low connexion, I m waiting for the fiber here…

I know it’s a bit more of a task but you could send (dropbox ) him the complete ‘Backed up’ project folder with all the samples included , then your friend save the hassle of trying to showing his computer where those files are.

Sorry just noticed about your internet connection . Is it possible to up load your backed up project folder to a cloud from another connection ?