Sharing ratings between H6 and HS3?

I would have thought that since they share the same presets that my ratings I have given to patches in one would also show in the other but this is not so and I have to do it all again. Is there a way for them to share ratings, it seems silly to have to do it all twice for the same presets?

nice to read, I wanted to write the same now, but you were faster, thanks

did someone know, where we could fine the file, where those rating are written in?
then we could try copy and reload

luckily I did most ratings in HALion6, because this I would use more often in the future
unhappily the ratings from Sonic2 are gone too, without warning during installtion - but this “kill, not ask”-installer is another thing, discussed by others in other threads :wink:

hope to hear from someone about this rating-issue/-file

I did a post about this in the Halion 5 forum. Like I said there though, do backups of these files before trying anything.

As for a “real time” connection, I don’t think there is. Strange though, seeing as the Cubase MediaBay rating system stores the metadata in the audio file.

Thanks - need to work out the Mac location but at least I know what to look for.

Wonder if you could use a symlink to make the update realtime?

Can’t find either of those db files - a search reveals nothing. Maybe they have different names on Mac but I have looked in all the usual places for this sort of thing.

same here on Win7

but I found “mediabay3.db” in HALion6_64 and HALion Sonic_64 AppData-folders

they´re 23,5MB and 10,6MB so an overwriting to get the same ratings seems not being so good…

so time (again) for workarounds?

OK found them - on Mac the path is

\Users\username\Library\Preferences then Halion 6/Halionsonic

They are seperate db files but they have the same name so I tested my theory that a symlink between the 2 would work (after backing up of course) and it does. Ratings made in H6 appear in Halionsonic and visa versa. Since I had made most ratings in H6 I trashed the Halionsonic one and replaced it with a symlink to the H6 one.

Looks like something I’m going to have to try.

ok, sounds good

now I´ve to find some infos how to make “symlink” under Win7… :confused:

btw I would suggest making the Halion one the master as it is likely to have more libraries overall.

ok, the mlink-procedure worked a little bit

but when I load HALion Sonic 3, I´ve always to rescan the mediabay and the changes from HALion 6 aren´t included :open_mouth:

so, I´ve done with this feature :imp:

I´ll rate in H6 and when I want to use some presets over HS3 to save some memory & or CPU, then I´ll write down which preset I´m searching for… :imp: