Sharing settings between score layouts

I have a score with many movements (each in its own flow) and want to make different scores consisting of different selections of movements from the collection. It seems like the kind of thing flows are perfect for… Is there an easy way to copy all the layout, notation, engraving etc settings from the Full Score layout to new custom score layouts?

I almost read the question too fast - although, yah, Master pages and such give you a means to copy certain things from one layout to another - I don’t know of a way to copy just certain flows from a collection.

I’m afraid at the moment, no, you cannot copy the settings from e.g. notation options in one flow to another flow in the same (or another) project. We certainly intend to make these kinds of operations possible in future.

Understood, and thanks, Daniel—good to know we’ll see it one day. In the meantime it occurred to me that a messy workaround might be to save all settings as default, so that new custom score layouts would use these. I’ll try it, after a backup.