Sharing stems on notes of different durations

How (engraving options I assume?) can I get notes in different voices of different durations to share a notehead?

Hrrm, even after setting everything to “allow overlap” (and the picture in the dialog certainly looks like what I want), it’s still not actually doing it. Maybe because I’m starting in the middle of the beat? (440 KB)

You want this option, in the Notation options (Write mode).

If all else fails, in Engrave mode set the Voice Column Index property for both notes to be the same (e.g. 0). That will force them to overlap regardless of the notation and engraving options.

Where do i set that Voice Column prop? Don’t see anything liek that in my panel when I select either (or both) note.

Nevermind - I found it - have to be in engrave mode.

(This seems like a curious inconsistency btw… the option that effects this is under Write… but the property is only in Engrave mode)

Didn’t the Notation option do the job anyway? It did when I reproduced a bit of your score.

The voice column option is a lot more general than just fixing this problem - for example you can change the left-to-right order of non-overlapping simultaneous notes, without having to mess about trying to find a combination of voices that gives what you want.