Sharing user-created playback templates?

I noticed on page 24 of the 3.0 version history the following:

it is now possible for you to set up your own playback templates, including custom combinations from different playback devices, and make everything reusable so it needs to be set up only once > and can even be exported for use by other Dorico users.

I’ve been waiting on this general category of functionality as a whole, and while I know it’s not finished, it seems this new ability to export and import user-generated playback templates could be an incredibly helpful resource to the Dorico community.

If I’m understanding this right, I’d love for users to share playback templates they’ve created, so other users can benefit from them by importing and modifying to suit their needs.

If this idea catches on, maybe somebody should set up a GitHub repository or whatever to keep them all in one place. (Note: I’m NOT volunteering to do that!!!)

Otherwise, they will tend to get “lost in the noise” on a forum like this.

The downside to the idea is a potentially endless string of “I downloaded this template and it doesn’t work for me” questions, of course. Somebody creating a template isn’t likely to have the resources to nail down exactly which versions of a library and a VST player will work, and which will not.

Yes, when I have the current project out of the way (…) I plan to produce a template for the Garritan Libraries, which I’ll make available.

The .doricolib files can also be a useful user-created resource, though they are a bit techy and undocumented. (viz. my Tenor clef and Default Music Font files).

I will happily volunteer to put up a new category on
Since this might be the first user-generated content for Dorico, this site will then atually become useful :smiley:

(I have to update everything to D3 on the weekend, I know :wink: )

I didn’t know of this site! You could use the wordpress ability to create users with restricted access to allow them to upload their own resources.
The other option of a GitHub repository looks good to me too, but I’m afraid it can be challenging for the less tech-savvy

I’d also be happy to post them at, though I don’t want to compete in that regard!

Well, there was not yet too much content there to share it in the first place…
But yes, of course, I could open it up for some people to edit their own stuff :slight_smile: