Sharing vstlive projects between users

Congratulations to all the developers who are committed to solving the technical problems that may occur during the creation process and attentive to requests for help from people in difficulty, I would like to make a request to all the users registered on the forum who are good at using of Vst Live, to share projects of common non-work use without proprietary audio files and with only the Steinberg VSTs (Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, Padshop, and Retrologue) for people like me who have difficulties and have not yet fully understood the Vst Live settings example global and virtual connections etc… it would be a good idea to be able to start from scratch and to better manage this magnificent software which in my opinion in a few days or months will be number one in this sector.
Unless a sharing sector already exists and I’m not aware of it.
Thank you all.
Sharing vstlive projects between users.

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I’ll start by sharing this very simple project for transposition with Focus control
Transpose (focus Control).vlprj (76.6 KB)

… yeah, cool. I can see that the buttons of your Focus Control need a push-style. After it was pressed, it should flip back. We’ll check.


yes, it would be necessary and essential for it to also show in a visual form how much the transposition is in order to avoid forgetting to return to 0 or do a reset to 0. Anyway, thanks for your cooperation.

in fact, as I did it, it is unusable