Shark Bait

Here is one that I actually wrote a while ago in a more straight ahead style, but the band had played around with a reggae beat on it. So I made a demo for them as I would imagine it.

That’s me on guitar and bass, and the rest is vsts.

Appreciate any advice on composition or mix.

First one in the list:

To my ears a very sophisticated piece, nice easy rhythm and love the organ…what is it?
I can’t critique it…it just sounds too good already,

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

This is excellent. Really clever and interesting with some very funky unexpected moments :slight_smile: . Agree with the previous post - the organ sounds great. Only thing I’d add (personal preference) is a bit more brush on the rides. Great guitar work.

Hi Kevin, thanks for giving it a listen! It’s a B3 instrument that is included with Komplete from NI. I use it all the time.

Thanks, smapmap, for listening and commenting, and glad you liked it! I wasn’t sure what you meant with “bit more brush on the rides”. I’m not using brushes on the rides; it’s regular sticks (in the sw of course - NI Studio Drummer). Do you mean that when the ride is played it should be louder, or maybe you mean I should use a brush when the ride is playing? Again, thanks for listening!

It’ a fab piece of work - but I’d love to hear brush on the ride - and it to be a bit more pronounced in the mix rather than mallet - it’s just a personal preference on my part as i think it might sound groovier - it still sounds brilliant as it is :slight_smile:

Great stuff Leon. To my ears you have a real signature guitar sound and a beautifully unexpected phrasing and progression of your melodies and song progressions. Tasty stuff!


Thanks, Steve, I try to keep them unpredictable! Appreciate giving it a listen.

Another great track Leon.

As with a few spots in other tracks of yours, I keep hearing
nods to Jeff Beck (BbyB especially). Which is all good,
given so much else that is distinctly yours.

I’d like to hear a mix with the guitar and organ dropped
back a notch or two, but that’s just me.

Love it.

Thanks, Jet, I can’t deny I am a huge Jeff Beck fan, and although I do try to emulate his polish and taste, I am justifiably humbled by his technique. I’m taking another look at the mix based on your comments, which are generally spot on. Thanks for taking the time!

hi leon ,i like the mix if youve got it flaunt it.

Good mix, nice sound,Interesting music!

Polgara, Ruslan, thanks for giving it a listen.