Sharp/Flat in the part name

And another question…

Is it possible to add the sharp or flat sign in the part name? In the score it shows properly, but not in the part name…
B flat seems a little long…

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-16 om 14.50.54.png
Schermafbeelding 2020-10-16 om 14.50.40.png

Oh and in addition to that: is it possible to write more than ‘one line’ in the part name?
For example:

Percussion III
(Snare Drum & Triangle)

You can edit the layout name to include the flat glyph, either by copy-pasting it in, or by using the {@flat@} token.

It also depends on what token you are using for the “part name.” Here’s a link that describes the various naming tokens you might be using:

If the part is using the layout name, you can indeed have it show on 2 lines, but you need to copy and paste it in from elsewhere where you can add the paragraph break - any text formatter will do, like TextEdit or Word etc, or one of the larger fields in File>Project Info.

I can’t say it enough how helpful you guys all are on this forum. Wonderful community here!

This community in this forum is the most helpful in any forum I came across!
My somewhat related question- Is it possible to name a flow using üä (umlaut) characters? Dorico doesn’t let me do it in Setup…

Have you tried changing the flow title in the Project Info dialog? I think the fields there are more forgiving about entering those characters.

That’s the one, thanks!