Sharps in chord alterations are too big

How do I adjust the # in the Eb7(#11) to be appropriate in size?

BTW…this is a default. I didn’t make them this big. Maybe there’s bug with #'s in the offset alterations? It looks like sharps don’t shrink like the numbers. I checked…looks like flats are too big too, but its harder to notice.

Did you change the size of the numbers?
Something tells me the sharps and flats that go with them are a separate paragraph style, so if you changed the size of the numbers that would not change the accidentals automatically.

I haven’t changed anything other than preferring ∆ for Major, - for minor, and no 4s on 7sus chords—a few basic visual settings in notation options.

When I deep dive into the Edit settings of Notation Options, I can get to place where I see #11 but can’t seem to make any edits to the # that doesn’t also affect the 11.

But of course I barely know what I’m doing.

What happens if in the Library Menu you change the size of the Chord Symbols Music Text Font Style?

User FredGUnn found out that if you adjust the extension’s font scaling (in Notation Options) to 76% it fixes the issue.

He suspects it’s because there isn’t a small-scale glyph for flat or sharp in Petaluma. Apparently the scaling under 75% attempts to switch to a small glyph (default for superscript is 65%). But, as Fred’s theory goes, the lack of a small glyph makes it default to a bigger one which breaks the scaling.

I don’t know if he’s right, but the 76% did show up looking nice and is how I’ve gone about fixing the issue for now. I’m going to submit a bug report in case it helps.

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