She didn't believe I wrote/recorded the song - now posted!

Mothers love their sons no matter what! :laughing:

But congrats Steve… its cool to fool the uninitiated! :wink:

Is this perhaps the aural equivalent of “a face only a mother could love?” Hmmm? :laughing:


[quote=“Steve Fogal”]Let my mother hear my latest song…she hasn’t really heard me much [quote]

Thought you lived with her. I take it you mixed with phones in the bedroom? :mrgreen: :yfc:

In a related aside…

My entire family, and my fiance, and many of my friends, know very well that I’m passionate and very active with my music… and yet none of them, no not one, EVER asks to hear anything I’m working on. :laughing:

(Some of musician friends do, however)

Steve, didn’t you, a couple of years ago, tell us your mother was def?

Awesome. I look forward to hearing it. :slight_smile:

Yes Steve, when can we hear it? :slight_smile:

[quote=“HornForHire”]Yes Steve, when can we hear it? :slight_smile:[/]

Yeah, Steve, I can hardly believe it either… :wink: .


Same here… The wife makes some encouraging grunts if I force her to audition me, but aside from that, zilch… now, where did I put that copy of my will I’m gonna edit! :laughing:

All joking aside (briefly) … Looking forward to checking out Steve. Congrats. :sunglasses:

Well, 'm lucky to have two big fans at home: my two sons (8 and 11). Whenever they work (or play) on the computer they click the ‘play all’ button on my site and crank up the volume… :sunglasses:
It’s fun to hear them singing along (or trying to). :smiley: