She Wore Her Denim Skirt Today - (made with elements 10.5

A while ago I bought a second license of cubase for my entertainment pc so I could also just spontaneously vomit out notes when I have inspiration, and this really pays off because i’m now a bit more productive :slight_smile: With that I sometimes just come up with silly inspirations to make a song around

So this came out and I’d like to know what you guys think. It’s a mix of 80s and current summer pop song, inspired by the go go girls which look I just adore(d)!

Beautifully written and produced, nice ‘Jan Hammerish’ change @2:25! What bass instrument did you use, is it Trilogy, and how much of this did you actually play?

In any case, very good job indeed, 'enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

It’s an omnisphere patch from the “hardware supported” library. (i would have to look up the exact name). Other bass sounds are from roland jv1080 and “rock bass guitar” from the nexus plugin.

And I don’t “play” the part with anything other than keyboard really because everything is samples. I’m not such a great performer so there’s alot of “err” of what I play and then I ofcourse correct with cubase :slight_smile:

I just have a project in my head and make it sound like I want to, play base chords and the solo’s which I then sculpt to suit the music more.

The song is wonderfully represented.
I liked the bass. It is awesome.