Song I wrote and recorded in my home studio with Cubase.

Drums are Addictive Drums. Rhythm and lead gtrs are through an Eleven Rack. Bass gtr is Trilian.

good tune mate ,i think it sounds more like Tom Petty but it `s a good tune ,you might want to pull the harshness down on the mix, try matching your song alongside a similar genre song professionally recorded, for example a beatles or tom petty track and see how yours differs in tones and so forth .

Good song with a real happy feel…and commercial too, I agree with polgara it’s just a bit harsh and maybe the vox could be a bit more up in the mix…

well done :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll go back and try to eliminate the harshness.

The mix is definitely a win. None of the instruments get in the way of the others and the mix doesn’t get in the way of the song. To my taste I would also bring up vocals a tad more.

I could visualise myself driving down some long long highway with this on the car radio. Nice track & worthy of radio play. Trilian fits perfect into it.

@jcity - Not sure if you’re keeping up with this thread but great track! I found this post while searching for posts about Trilian. Great mix! Regarding this specific song (the writing and your voice) reminded me of Marshall Crenshaw and Fastball. I sampled your Soundcloud channel and heard some Harry Nilsson influence in the ballads. More great stuff!

“She” - I listened through earbuds: this is one of the best examples of Addictive Drums I’ve heard. I don’t know if you played these parts or just edited the included midi parts. Which kit did you use? Trilian - fits perfectly too! Did you play this via midi guitar or did you play it on a keyboard or edit midi parts? The guitar solo sounded like Mike Campbell (Tom Petty) so congrats on that! :slight_smile: I think the cymbals/hihats are all that are being perceived as harsh. If you did a hi shelf on the overheads maybe just apply it to the 12-16khz range and down by 1- 1.5db. Otherwise, I would bring up more mids in the guitars and maybe multiband compress the low end for a little more punch.

Have you had any success using Trilian’s acoustic basses? Specifically the upright? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Keep posting more!

I agree, nice track with an uplifting radio-friendly vibe :slight_smile: I also agree this mix, while clear and open, is very ‘toppy’ and generally lacking warmth.


Really excellent production and good mix. Not sure what you used to master and the brittle highs and nature of (possibly Multiband comp?) fix that and warm up the bottom and you will have a great track, I also disagree about the need to raise vocal I think if you fix the mastering that may cure the other vocal issue,

aMUSEd - To answer you AD ?, on “She” I believe I used a combination of midi patterns that come with AD, and then edited as needed. There were probably some sections I had to enter manually in the drum editor. As far as the kit used, its the Sonar kit but I replaced the kick with the Ludwig vintage.

The trillian midi bass track was just manually entered notes in the midi editor. I had an idea how I wanted the bass line to go and then wrote it by placing notes in the midi editor. The plan was to go back and record the bass line with a bass guitar. But, the midi bass sounded ok to me so I just left it as is.

I like the uprights in trillian. I do my own backing tracks for live use and have used the uprights on a few songs that I think sound really good!!

kzarider - The song has not been mastered. I really need to go back through and try to work on the mix (with all the great suggestions here) but have been extremely busy gigging this summer.

Thanks guys - I appreciate the input!!!