Shedding tears

After many, many years of playing the organ I have finally found a church that was looking for one. So I donated my Hammond to them. It really hurt to give it away but it also felt so good in another way. That organ was my therapy
after my son passed away many years ago. Now I can move on and know that organ will be taken care of properly.
Can’t help the tears. Will never apologize for that. Just had to get this off my chest guys. Hope you understand. I
still have three other keyboards to bang around.

Good on you mate, glad to hear you’re able to move on.
I think everyone would feel a little sad if they gave away their hammond, even without the extra emotional value it had for you. No shame in tears :wink:

That’s really cool John, a big thumbs up from me :slight_smile:


But why didn’t you give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… :mrgreen:

Aloha Jack.

I get it; BIG TIME.

While I was being treated for cancer, occasionally musicians would drop by
and play for us.

It was ALWAY uplifting to hear live music being played.

So when God saw it fit for me to now be cancer free,
I gave a very special guitar to the life saving folks at the cancer centre;
Anyone is allowed to play on it and when I am there for check-ups,
I get to do for those what others had done for me.
Play some music.

Your Hammond will do the same for someone one day.

They will hear the sounds.
They will be uplifted.
Their life will change for the better.

Sending much Aloha. (and shedding tears)

Good on ya John and curteye! I was a short term recipiant of such a gift. My bestman was dying of cancer at a hospice, there was an accoustic guitar in the libary left there as a gift, I picked it up and played softly for an hour, retuned it, then said good bye to my friend. What you guys have done is exceptional and will pay many returns to folks you will never know about. God bless you guys.


Getting a bit misty eyed here reading this…it’s so nice to read such a positive post :sunglasses: .

I’m touched :slight_smile: ,


It is after all, only a tool in the hands of the artist, the artist still paints with other brushes, as its style may move on, someone else will paint with it and bring joy to others as did you.

Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing your touching stories, guys.
Big thumbs up!

Now you guys are going to make me cry. Sincerely. I am currently grappling with the disposition of my instruments for when I am gone.

Well Done! All You Fine Folks!

May music continue to be a healing power for all.

The answer is simple, my friend, don’t go. Please.

We wont be done with you for some time to come… but hey, your grandkids will inherit! :sunglasses:

Great stories guys, thumbs up!